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"The future influences the present just as much as the past."

Friedrich Nietzsche

About me


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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." The quote by Carl Jung summarises my point of view on how our society tends to judge people on their past achievements. It's all about who you are right now, especially in Tarot. I feel obliged though, to share a bit of my personal story, as we will share confident moments together.


At a young age, it didn't feel right to agree with 'what you see is what you get'. I sensed that our existence had more to offer and had a profound meaning. It resulted in often being misunderstood and feel isolated.

'Rider Waite tarot' entered my life during puberty, and it amazed me how the cards were always brutaly honest. After my degree in landscape architecture, I soon started a family and had 2 children, which drew all of my attention. A severe accident in my late twenties, forced me to stop ignoring my intuition, and it was the start of a long journey inwards to discover my inner truth.


Tarot however, was always present and evolved discovering Alejandro Jodorowsky's approach of the 'tarot de Marseille'. My teacher was the Argentinian Kika Anglés, specialised in karmic tarot. Since then, everything started to fall into place, connecting my heart's desire with my soul's purpose. It offers me confidence to keep discovering new layers of consciousness.


Tarot is my tool to guide other people to uncover their true self. 


Tarot & reading

Tarot & reading


Tarot readings are a tool to bring dormant messages from our subconscious to our attention.

They are not about predicting the future.  


Your reading shows you the path that your soul is on this moment in your life. On the one hand, it reveals the challenges that may be blocking you, and on the other hand it shows you the opportunities available to help you.


The moment that you approach your life from a conscious point of view, you are no longer in the hands of 'fate'. You could say that if destiny had the color green, it is you who chooses which green from an enormous range of shades of green. You thus choose how you respond to any situation.

We silence our minds during the reading, and open ourselves to our subconscious. So that we can receive and accept the messages from our inner voice.




Ignis offers you the possibility to reset the patterns, behaviours, traumas or diseases in your subconsciousness, that hinder the growth of your true Self.

Unwanted vicious circles in life almost always find their root in infancy. That’s the time when you live life in hypnosis, as logic gradually slips in from the age of 7 onwards. It’s those first crucial years, in which our primary brain is programmed, that mold our patterns for the rest of our lives.

We pick up the signs that lead us to that Source, and shine a light on who you truly are. Who you think you are or should be, is safely replaced with your authentic Self, reconnected with Spirit.



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“So grateful for your incredible service and insights. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.” - Sophia 

“I had a reading with you last Summer. You stated crystalclear the feeling that had been lingering since a very long time. I still reflect a lot on it, and how correct and special it was. Thank you so much!” - Chris

"I was a bit nervous for this reading, but it was beyond my expectations! I feel incredibly strengthened by your words to make the right decisions." - Mireia

"I wanted to let you know that I'm actually quite amazed (still am) by the reading. It stuck with me and I definitely mean this in a positive way. You don't know me and yet you said so many things that I feel the same way and that are recognisable as if you do know me. Incredibly special." - Carla


"Thank you for the support and the inspiring words. I hope you realise how much positive power and energy you pass on around you." - Lio

price & contact

 Price & contact 

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Pricing - tarot or reset

€70   - 1 hour 
€90   - 1,5 hour
€120 - 2 hours
(Gift vouchers on request) 

Online - through Skype (no account needed)
On site - region Kortrijk

On the move - on request

+32 (0)468/13 12 21 


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